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Learn the answers to a long, thriving, and powerful life by combining mindful practices with the latest from modern science.

September 2022


Hosted by Dr. Lisa Koche and Gregg Gonzales

Integrative Health Expert Dr. Lisa Koche & Mindful Connection Teacher Gregg Gonzales invite you to their connection workshop hosted in the Tampa Bay. This workshop will guide you through the importance of integrating holistic, scientific, and mindful exercises into the next steps of your journey towards a life of longevity, health, performance, and happiness.

Key Topics We Will Cover


Aging In Reverse


Peak Performance


Raise your level of energetic youthfulness through connection with self and others, and experience the latest science has to offer with advanced tools to help you reach peak performance quicker.

by attending

you will experience

Expert tips and tricks for "YOUTHING" & Anti-Aging

Journey through a map of quick and effective steps you can do easily at home to grow younger!​

Leading-edge technology, as well as ancient methods for mindfulness.

Empowering you to hack your biology for optimal health.

New ways to gain awareness of “The LIT Zone” and how to stay consistently in a state of flow.

Learning how to live consistently, and why it makes your life better nearly every minute of the day.


 “Thank for a beautiful day! I signed up to go because I wanted to meet more people looking to upgrade their health. I learned about some cutting age technology and best of all, made some great connections. I loved this heart-focused event.”

-Teresa P.

Check out this video from Dr. Lisa & Gregg to find out why this YOUTHing Workshop is perfect for anyone – no matter where you are in your wellness journey!

Dr. Lisa Koche
Triple Board Certified MD
Co-Creator of, and Co-host for, your YOUTHING Workshop

Why combine experts in mind & body?

We believe the answer to a long, thriving and powerful life combines mindful practices with the latest from modern science.  Welcome to The YOUTHING Workshop!

The concept of ‘YOUTHing’ happens from the inside out. If we take proper care of our body, mind, and spirit, life-expectancy is unlimited. Triple-board certified, functional medicine and mitochondria expert, Dr. Lisa Koche, along with mindfulness and connection teacher, Gregg Gonzales, together bring over 4 decades of life and work experience to show you how this is possible. 

The body’s ability to maintain health declines as its 75 trillion cells output less and less energy. Stress, toxic environments, improper nutrition, lack of exercise, trauma, and an imbalanced lifestyle all rob the body of its life-force. A weakened body easily falls prey to disease – and death. It’s never too late to begin ‘youthing’ our bodies. How far can we go?

From there, we will work together to guide you through the importance of integrating holistic, scientific, and mindful exercises on the next steps in your journey towards a life of longevity, health, performance, and happiness.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Dr. Lisa & Gregg

Gregg Gonzales
Creator of The Speakeasy Method
Co-host for your YOUTHING Workshop

27. February, 2022

$299 Just $249

30. April, 2022

$299 Just $249

24. Sept, 2022

$299 Just $249

By registering today, you will gain these tools to help achieve optimal mind & body connection, a place where true long-term healing takes place.


Personalized scan and measurement of Biological Age and Chakra Alignment.

Understand your body's energetic field and chakra alignment through our Bio-well scan technology. Find any points of depletion, and learn how to get to the root cause of aliments.


A chance to network with a community of other like-minded people.

Connect with others in the daylong workshop, and continue those relationships in an exclusive Facebook group, where you can get support from a community of health-oriented individuals!


Guided prompts for introspective journaling and reflection.

Experience the power of connecting to your personal story, and learn how to harness this energy in your everyday life.


Experience LIT Labs Tampa.

A start-of-the-art performance facility, equipped with cutting edge technology designed to improve your health from a cellular stand-point.

Are Meals Provided?


We will be providing a healthy and nutritious lunch from Mickey’s Cafe & Organics. If you have any dietary needs or restrictions, please contact Victoria
([email protected]) as soon as you purchase your ticket
and she will get you taken care of!

So That Everyone Gets Personalized Attention,
Workshop Registration Closes at 25 Registrants!

27. February, 2022

$299 Just $249

30. April, 2022

$299 Just $249

24. Sept, 2022

$299 Just $249

Because this workshop involves time and attention for each individual participant (including lunch and work being done around your individual Vitality score), no exchanges or refunds are offered.
All sales are final once your seat is reserved.

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