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I believe that healing is not just about surviving, but thriving. Raising awareness when things look normal on the outside but need tuning and up-leveling on the inside. I guide motivated individuals in discovering their most LIT self through functional medicine.

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Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, M.D. is a Triple Board-Certified Physician, Founder and Director of Spectra Wellness Solutions, and Lead Physician and Speaker for Tony Robbins Life Mastery Health Program.

She specializes in anti-aging and biohacking through regenerative, traditional, and functional medicine and has a passion for helping others find true healing in both their mind and body.

Dr. Lisa has an empowering story of overcoming her own health ailments, which led to her passion for healing through functional medicine.

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Why should we work together?

Because I get it.

You’re tired of the round about doctor visits, dead-end symptom searches, and constant wonder of what it would feel like to reach optimal health AND maintain it.

The truth is …

I felt the same way. I’ve been where you are — sick, searching for answers and fed up. That is what led me to dedicate my practice to studying the best that traditional and alternative medicine have to offer, so that I could formulate a complete healing plan for the human body, starting at the underlying cause rather than the symptoms.

“My goal is to help you escape stress, overcome exhaustion, access more energy, and make way for a happier, more lit you.”

Ways to connect

Whether you are local to Tampa Bay or connecting online, you can join Dr. Lisa and hundreds of other passionate health advocates and discover what it means to BE LIT!

Tampa Bay Private Practice

Spectra Wellness Solutions

Led by Lisa Saff Koche, MD., Spectra Wellness Solutions is a leading-edge practice dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Take control of your health from the comfort of your home!

Lit Journey Online Course

Journey through the 11 Pillars of Health with Dr. Lisa as your guide. Unlock profound, long-term healing in mind, body, and spirit and learn how to become your own health advocate.

Feb. 17th-24th, 2024

Peru retreat

Join Dr. Lisa Koche and Connection Guide Gregg Gonzales on an 8-day immersive retreat that will teach you how to reverse the clock on age while connecting with self, nature, and other like-minded people in Peru’s Sacred Valley.


LIt Annual Membership

Gain direct access to Dr. Lisa as your primary care doctor. Go beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of your ailments and deliver long-term healing by partnering with Dr. Lisa as your guide.

Learn to make KETO work for you!

Keto-Ish Online Couse

Rather than making a decision to go Keto on your own, you now have a plan that’s so much easier for you. It’s a flexible guide (hence the “ish” part), with mentorship along the way, that will help you be successful with YOUR version of Keto.

What is the fastest way to book a consult with me?

 – Longevity Protocol Virtual Consult –

Book your Advanced Epigenetic Panel and receive a 30 minute virtual consult with Dr. Lisa based on an in-depth analysis of the following 5 traits:

Eye Age

Memory Age

Hearing Age


Biological Age

As Seen On

Words From LIT Patients

Course Opening Soon!

Dr. Lisa Koche’s Lit Journey Online Course

An easy-to-follow, transformative course designed from years of Dr. Lisa’s research in applying functional medicine practices to our daily lives.

This course will take you on a journey through the 11 key pillars of healing and performance so that you can improve your physical health while also empowering your spirit and raising your vibration.

Ignite your most lit self and take charge of your physical and mental health with the 11 Pillars of Health course.



introduction & latest research

causes of imbalances

overview of treatment & SUPPLEMENTS


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The truth is within you, 

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We all know those special people – the ones with a sparkle in their eye, that certain magnetism. They walk in a room, and the room really does light up. They seem healthy in mind and body – my book “Get LIT” provides simple answers to overcome exhaustion, escape stress, harness limitless energy, and ignite your inner athlete. 

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