Many people know Dr. Lisa from sharing her heartfelt thoughts and experiences on social media. Here's one of many videos that resonated for several million people.

“I will stand for you”

Dr. Lisa In The Media

COVID-19 VS    Allergies

Boosting Your Immune System

Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep Tips through the holidays

Hot VS Cold Showers

Combatting the Afternoon Slump

Creating a Healthier You

Crystal Energy
Peptide Therapy for Anti-Aging
Possible health benefits of a cold plunge

How to Avoid Germs While Grocery Shopping

Dr. Bindiya: Reset, Renew, Revive

Bio-Hack Your Way to Better Health

Hope & Healing for Vaccine Injured Patients

How to Fix Your Mitochondria

All Things Thyroid Health

Optimizing Energy & Your Mitochondria

Fountain of Youth, COVID, and More

Power to Make Positive Change


Adapting in 2020

Mind Your Mitochondria

What Your Armpits Say About Health

Coronavirus Care

Inform and Inspire During COVID-19

Talking Truth

Bedtime Routines for Kids & Adults

Signs of Stress Parents Should Watch For in Their Kids

Root Cause Healing

Another Frontline Doctor Speaks Out

What Facebook Keeps Taking Down

Coronavirus, Censorship, & HCQ

Doctor’s Night Out: COVID 7/13/20

Have No (Virus) Fear & How to Rise Strong

10 Types of The Keto Diet to Consider

Naturally Support Your Immune System

Vaping & COVID-19

Working From Home: Unexpected Health Problems

Light Up Your Mitochondria

Top Strategies for Optimizing Health

“Get Lit” & Bring Back Your Inner Light

The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Rademaker’s Prescription for Transformation

How to Find a Keto Doctor

Breaking Through The Traditional Medicine Conundrum

Keto, Mitochondria, & Energy Work

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Biohacking for Anti-Aging & Optimal Health

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