Dr. Lisa Koche Presents

The LIT Immunity Masterclass:
Give yourself ELITE Immunity

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Dr. Lisa Koche
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The Sky's The Limit For your Health, When you know what to do to achieve Immunity

Health Is about more than eating the right foods or doing the right Workouts...

You Can Reach Certain levels of Immunity

What I Teach In This Class...

Immune System

A thorough and easily understood overview of the immune system


The types of invaders that negatively impact your body’s defenses


Strategies you can implement right away that will strengthen your immunity

Updated Protocols

Practices and protocols for the current Coronavirus

what You Will Learn

How your body responds

Considerations for your diet and what it means for your immuno-response systems


Recommendations for supplements you can easily access right away, as well as supplement cautions


What are they, why are they important, and how the health and number of your mitochondria impact your immunity


The latest ideas from research on how light impacts your immunity


Strategies easily added to your life as ways to stay out of fight or flight responses, helping to reduce stress while further boosting immunity

what You Will get from attending

A way to strengthen the armor that makes up your body’s natural defense systems

Knowledge you can use now that will also help you moving forward, for the rest of your life, with any and all invaders to your person.

Tools that enable you to feel more calm, regardless of the situation – a pandemic or any other current events

An actionable strategy that you can put into place immediately

Comfort in the knowledge when going back into any kind of regular routine, that you are protected

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you join the Masterclass, you will get a link with a username and password to log into the membership area.  Once you’re logged in, you will have the Masterclass replay within your logged in dashboard.  The video is hosted with Vimeo, which is pretty much like YouTube.  So if you can watch a YouTube video, you’ll be able to watch the Masterclass. 

Yes.  You will get a username and password for the courses area.  You can log in and you will see your masterclass course there, regardless of device, as everything is built to be mobile friendly.

Yes.  As someone who joins the Masterclass, we will give you a link where you can go to ask Lisa your question(s).  Also, be sure to watch the full Masterclass, because when this was done live, Dr. Lisa answered many questions during the last 20 minutes of the class, and many of those Q&A’s were helpful to everyone.

Please feel free to email us at support@drlisakoche.com, and one of our awesome support team will reply to you as soon as possible.


“Great job!!! Such great info!!! I was writing like a mad man!!! Will you be able to share the slides? Thanks again!!”

~ Eric Hall

“So encouraged and inspired by the class! I can’t wait for your next one. […] My doc is great but does not have your knowledge, but would be supportive of your perspective. Just ordered your book and will order supplements tonight 🙂

Thank you again! You are touching so many lives! Including mine 🙂

♥️ Blessings and Gratitude”

~ Robyn Wilson

People who get this Masterclass say it is worth many times the cost.

Dr. Lisa knows that this information is crucial for the times we’re living in.
This is why, right now, you can get a discount on the Lit Immunity Masterclass.

Dr. Lisa Koche Presents

The LIT Immunity Masterclass: Give yourself ELITE Immunity

Get your LIT Immunity Masterclass now for just $99 $79.

Dr. Lisa Koche
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