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The time is now

Become Your Own Health Advocate

With Dr. Lisa Koche As Your Guide
In Your LIT Journey

Are You…

Tired of being tired? 

Tired of feeling lethargic, overweight, and seeing doctor after doctor without any diagnosis or answers? 

You want to feel better, to level up, but you’re stuck. You don’t know where to go, what information is right or wrong, what to try next, and most importantly, who’s information and advice can you trust? …

I’m here to tell you that you CAN take control of your health. 

You have the ability to take your health into your own hands. You have the right to feel good. If you’re tired of all the back and forth, and traditional medicine has been failing you, you’re in the right place.

The LIT Journey is currently closed for registration.
It will re-open in January 2023.
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BETA Launch – October 2022

Lit Journey

11 Pillars of Health Online Course

Beta Course Dates: 10/15-12/15

“I’ve turned decades of work in medicine, modalities, and healing tools into what I like to call The 11 Pillars of Health. These simplified step-by-step plans have helped make life better for thousands of my patients and colleagues. We’re now launching these foundational pillars online as your LIT Journey! By having me as your guide to help you understand and work with these pillars, I can help to substantially shorten the time it takes your body to heal, help you avoid endless visits to new doctors, turn you into your own specialist about your own body, and give you a trusted place to go, instead of continually searching for answers.”

– Dr. Lisa Koche

Each pillar will take you on a journey through the following:

introduction & latest research

causes of imbalances

overview of treatment & SUPPLEMENTS


What’s Included?

14 Guided Modules

Full of easy to implement techniques and strategies, accompanied by multiple videos discussing the 11 Pillars of Health recorded by Dr. Lisa.

Connection Questions For Mind & Body

These questions will help inspire a connection between your mind and body, one of the most important factors when searching for long lasting health.

Easy To Follow PDF Guide For Each Pillar

So you can easily follow along and stay organized as you go through the course.

Access to an online community

Access our private Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded folks to hold you accountable and connect with through your healing journeys.

$997 $197

Who’s right for The Lit Journey?

This course is for individuals that are motivated to take charge of their personal health and wellness. They know the highest version of themselves is within reach, but need some motivation and guidance on how to best integrate holistic practices into their life.

Transform your health without having to do it on your own.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, M.D. is a Triple Board-Certified Physician, Founder and Director of Spectra Wellness Solutions, and Lead Physician and Speaker for Tony Robbins Life Mastery Health Program.

She specializes in anti-aging and biohacking through regenerative, traditional, and functional medicine and has a passion for helping others find true healing in both their mind and body.

“Functional medicine is important to me because it’s allowed me to escape the cycle of managing my symptoms so I could address the root cause. And I get to do the same for those under my care.” – Dr. Lisa

What Does The Journey Look Like?

First We Must Heal

Healing the gut is the cornerstone for any healing journey as nothing else will work with the gut unhealthy. During this pillar, We will use the 4 R’s to heal the gut and understand the steps it takes to get the gut to heal and stay healthy. As the first line of detoxification if it’s not working other organs and systems get overwhelmed quickly.

Stress leads to all levels of adrenal dysfunction. You may feel good when in fight or flight /sympathetic drive for awhile, but eventually we crash. Learn about the adrenal townhouse and how to support and heal each level. Despite being a very small gland, the adrenals can lead to major symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and so much more

Your hormones and thyroids are important supports for each other and the adrenals. If any of those three systems are suffering, the others will drain quickly. This pillar will teach you how to best test your levels, the symptoms that occur when they are out of balance, and how to restore balance.

You have millions of infections/viruses/bacteria in your body right now. In this pillar, you learn how to tell if they are out of balance, how to support your immune system as a whole, and how to get whatever illness that you are struggling with under control. You will also get many ideas and suggestions on how to keep chronic infections under the radar and feel so much better.

Then We Can Discover Deeper Levels of Performance

This pillar focuses on how you have a daily choice—do you want to be in control of your life or are you easily triggered by others or situations? You can control the speed of the stress wheel as long as you are not impacted by others. You learn to realize who you are, what your needs are, and how to self-regulate, calm down, and allow observing instead of reaching.

Did you know there is a safe way to address the first bone in your spine without cracking or manipulating it? Upper cervical is a technique where the C1 joint is measured within 1/100th of a degree and then safely tapped back in with a sound wave, so there is no risk of Shearing. The benefits of getting it aligned are massive: better blood flow to your brain, making it easier for your body to communicate.

We all have daily exposure to toxins in the air we breathe, food we eat, and products we use, and they prevent us from performing at our highest level. In this pillar, we talk about the easiest ways to support your detox pathways, allowing you to remove toxins as well as how to minimize exposure moving forward.

In this pillar, we discuss how the mitochondria are their own bacteria and are sensitive to energies like light and thoughts, especially stress. You will learn how oxygen and electrons are utilized to produce the energy molecule, ATP. This pillar will not only provide you with easy tools to charge and reset your current mitochondria, but also teach you how to make new ones, resulting in your body functioning better overall.

In this pillar, you will learn about cutting-edge diagnoses and treatments at the cellular level, such as genetic testing for your biological age, nutrition, and more. You will hear about peptides and stem cells as well as research showing that we may be able to activate more DNA than anyone had ever thought was possible.

In this pillar, you will learn about how to use your mindset to help you manifest and create the future you desire. We will discuss how we all step into this toxic masculine and feminine energy and learn that when we get into our balanced divine energies, anything is possible! More than managing stress, the right mindset can forge the path to your new life!

The idea that we are all connected and part of a bigger energy/morphic field in the “quantum” will be explored in this pillar. We will talk about the science showing that you can actually impact your own genetic expression through your thoughts and actions. We will talk about different types of energy healing modalities and how they can be used as an adjunct to all the rest of the pillars and how that is often the edge many people are striving for!!

This course gives you the tools needed to create a healthier and longer life for yourself. Dr. Lisa’s Lit Journey Online Course guides you through all the actions you can take to become the healthiest person possible. By working with your body rather than against it, you can end up living a longer, happier and pain-free life.

The LIT Journey is currently closed for registration. It will re-open in January 2023. Want to be the first to know when it opens again? You’ll get exclusive early access and discounts. Enter your name and email below.

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