Earlybird Special: Book In July – Save $500 when you pay in full!  This offer expires in:
Earlybird Special: Book In July – Save $500 when you pay in full!  This offer expires in:

youthing retreat at willka t'ika

February 17th-24th, 2024

Join Dr. Lisa Koche on an 8-day immersive retreat that will teach you how to reverse the clock on age while connecting with self, nature, and other like-minded people in Peru's Sacred Valley.

5 days at willka T’ika Resort

2 days in cusco

1 day in machu picchu

Two girls sitting on mountain meditating with eyes closed and sun shining on them

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling inspired, youthful, and empowered to unleash your true potential in your everyday life?

This immersive experience is for those who are prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth through the application of innovative, indigenous, and alchemic techniques. Our guided workshops and practices may call for a willingness to be vulnerable, seek truth, engage in self-reflection, and summon courage, resulting in a transformation of the body, mind, and heart like never before.

Our goal is for participants to depart feeling a deep sense of inspiration and ignited passion for their true potential, equipped with the knowledge and tools to integrate these transformative practices into their daily lives.

Prepare to forge lifelong friendships with other like-minded, truth-seeking individuals.

During this retreat, attendees will have the unique opportunity to intimately connect with holistic expert, Dr. Lisa Koche to engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and offer personalized guidance throughout the entire experience. Additionally, attendees will be surrounded by a community of individuals who share a passion for growth and healing, providing an opportunity to connect and create lifelong friendships.

What's included?

Physical Excursions

Sweat Lodge and plunge pool excursion

Spend an afternoon with a complete detoxification experience, restoring body and soul while gazing at the stunning Pumahuanca mountains.

Chakra opening ceremony at the vat Inkan site of Saksaywaman.

Participate in a ceremony to honor Yaku, the spirit of water, to open the body’s chakras.. A traditional coca-leaf ceremony invites you to tap into the presence and energies of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

inkan cave altar visit

Just a short drive from Willka T’ika and a 25 minute hike up ancient Inkan stairs, guests will arrive to a sacred Inkan cave, where remains from a Chakana altar greets you and provides a place for meditation.

Andean offering and transformative fire ceremony

Enjoy a full group Andean offering and transformative fire ceremony with our Qero healer. The ceremony serves as a wonderful preparation of mind, body and spirit for your pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. 

mindful Excursions

Guided Meditations

Reduce stress and increase self-awareness through guided mediations.

Personal Story Assessments

Identify limiting beliefs through deep conversations about growth.

Shadow Work

Uncover and heal repressed emotions and negative patterns with shadow work.

Guided Journaling

Identify goals and intentions through guided journaling and heart connection.

Chakra Alignments

Balance the body’s energy centers with full-body chakra alignments.

Connection Workshops

Gain deeper connections with oneself and others with connection workshops.

“A spiritually tuned-in and culturally rooted experience.”

Dr. Lisa Koche standing in office with arms crossed

Meet your guide:
Dr. Lisa Koche

Driven by a love of serving others by sharing her passion and knowledge, Dr. Lisa Koche (triple-board certified MD, functional medicine and longevity expert, international speaker and author) brings over 20 years of wellness expertise training the mind, body, and spirit how to live an abundant, healthy, and happy life with their focus on the concept of …


The Art Of Growing Young At Any Age.

Are you ready to take control of your aging process and learn the concept of ‘Youthing’?

Imagine feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually rejuvenated, vibrant, and full of vitality as you reach your future milestones. Don’t let the wear and tear of aging leave you feeling worn out and sick. 

Join us in Peru and reverse the clock on aging through our innovative workshops and personalized guidance, you will gain the knowledge and tools to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, achieving a life full of purpose and passion. Discover the concept of ‘Youthing’, and realize that life-expectancy is unlimited if we take proper care of of body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience that will equip you with the skills to unleash your full potential. What age will you be five years from today? Ten years? Twenty? Sign up now and unlock the unlimited potential of ‘Youthing’.






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Every Day at Willka T'ika

These areas are for private group activities such as guided mediation, energy work, guided journaling, inner child healing.

  • Two sun-filled garden studios for yoga, movement and large group gatherings.
  • The round Takiwasi music shala with a fireplace and an array of Andean musical instruments — used for group meditations and ceremonies.
  • The Yachaywasi library has a cozy fireplace and a great selection of English books.

Open exclusively for our guests. Willka T’ika renowned seven Chakra Gardens will help align your energetic field and open the pathways that might be blocking you from healing.

Vibrant, organic, vegetarian “farm to table” meals lovingly prepared by Willka T’ika chefs. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.

Nearby hikes beneath magnificent Andean peaks in awe-inspiring Sacred Valley scenery.

Guided Meditation DNA Activations Heart Coherance copy


February 17th-24th, 2024

Dr. Lisa will be your host for the entirety of the trip. 

You will have ample time to connect and learn from her and her team.

As this is a general overview of the timeline, not all excursions and workshops are included. Please note that listed times are subject to change.  

Cusco Day 1

FEB 17: 

Program begins with one transfer from the Cusco airport to your lovely hotel, conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas. Plan to arrive into Cusco by 11a.m. to acclimate to the altitude.  

3:00 pm:  Meet in the hotel lobby for a brief group orientation meeting. Late afternoon walk through the cobblestone streets of San Blas, where your guide will point out fascinating Incan stonework en route to the Korikancha Temple, the holiest site during Incan times. 

6:30 pm: Willka T’ika invites you to a delicious Peruvian dinner. 

Cusco & Sacred Valley Day 2

FEB 18:

AM:  Visit the vast Inkan site of Saksaywaman overlooking the city of Cusco. Continue on to the ritual fountains at Tampumachay. Participate in a ceremony to open the body’s chakras and honor Yaku, the spirit of water.  A traditional coca-leaf ceremony invites you to tap into the presence and energies of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

PM:  Have lunch at a café of your choice and shop in the main square of Cusco.

3:30 pm: Drive through spectacular Andean mountain scenery to Willka T’ika in the Sacred Valley. After a brief introduction by the guide and leader, the Willka T’ika Quechua staff will welcome you to the retreat center and help you schedule time for Andean spa services and the use of the beautiful yoga, meditation, and ceremonial spaces. 

Fire Ceremony Day 3

FEB 19

AM: Morning meditation and ”Forest bathing experience” 

You will tap into your senses.

This day is dedicated to Pachamama, Mother Earth. Relax in the splendors of nature and enjoy a tour of the Seven Chakra Gardens. Optional private coca-leaf reading with an authentic Qero healer visiting from the high Andes. You will have an individual assessment using Biowell technology to measure your chakras and help determine which gardens to spend more time in! 

There will be group connections and assessments with Dr. Lisa.

Optional guided walk through nearby Rumichaka farming neighborhood where the Quechua campesinos farmers live.

1:00 pm Lunch.

PM: Group session with Dr. Lisa.

        Coca-leaf readings continue from the morning. 

After dinner enjoy a full group Andean offering and transformative fire ceremony with our Qero healer. The ceremony serves as a wonderful preparation of mind, body, and spirit for your pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. 

School Visit & P’isaq Day 4

FEB 20

AM: Morning meditation and ”Forest bathing experience”

You will tap into your senses.

AM: An ayni day. Drive through the Sacred Valley to a Quechua mountain school supported by the nonprofit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund. Since 1995, Willka T’ika has supported high mountain communities where few tourists are privileged to visit. In a reciprocal ayni exchange, the group offers an activity the children can enjoy. The warmth and heart-warming joy of the children and their openness in bringing guests into their daily lives are special moments not easily forgotten. 

Afterward, enjoy a riverside bag lunch.

PM: Continue to the spectacular ruins of P’isaq, overlooking impressive Incan terraces. Hike to the Temple of the Sun and walk in a silent personal vision quest. 

Return to the main square of P’isaq by bus and visit the famous, colorful market filled with woven goods, jewelry, wall hangings and hand-painted beadwork. Enjoy café or tea in the market square. P’isaq is a photographer’s dream. 

Return to Willka T’ika for a late afternoon group session before dinner. 

Machu Picchu Day 5

FEB 22

AM: Morning meditation and ”Forest bathing experience” 

Tap into your senses.

AM: Early breakfast. Tourist train to Aguas Calientes. Tea/coffee and snack served on train. A bus takes you to the sunlit terraces of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the ancient “City of Light.” Experience a journey through the masculine energy temples of political and spiritual power, followed by a deep reconnection of feminine earth energies.

PM: Hike to Inti Punku, the original Incan Gateway to the Sun or to the Incan bridge. Late afternoon train back to Ollantaytampu, where you will transfer to Willka T’ika in time for a late dinner. 

Ollantaytampu & Maras Day 6

FEB 23

AM: Morning meditation and ”Forest bathing experience” 

Tap into your senses.

AM: Visit the ceremonial site of Ollantaytampu and its famous Sun Temple. 

Lunch on your own in the quaint picturesque town.

PM: Group session and Connection Exercises at Willka T’ika. 

Meditate in the Chakra Gardens and allow yourself time to receive the ancestral crown chakra energies beneath the 1000-year-old lucuma tree. 

For the more active, choose from a variety of hikes, including the nearby Maras Salt Flats and activities through the valley and up the mountains. 

Urubamba Day 7

FEB 24

AM: Morning meditation and ”Forest bathing experience” 

Tap into your senses.

A special day of mindful integration at Willka T’ika with the entire group. Group can choose a guided morning hike to the town of Urubamba through farming neighborhoods or visit a typical, lively Peruvian market and the famous Seminario ceramics shop.

1:00 pm: Lunch.

Group Cacao Ceremony. The chocolate beverage is prepared with love by our staff and served in a musical, meditative ceremony by a shamanic facilitator. The sweetness of this ceremony can cause deep relaxation or animated dancing or both. 

Dr. Lisa will provide activations and close this special time together with the most powerful session of all.

6:30 pm: Farewell dinner. 


FEB 24

10:00 a.m. Check-Out Time. Our group will have an early morning meditation and closing session before breakfast. 

One group bus transfer at check-out takes the group to the Cusco airport to connect to Lima, and flight home. From Willka T’ika, allow 3 ½ hours before your Cusco flight. Ideal flights to schedule depart from Cusco between 2 pm-5 p.m. For groups departing after 6:00pm, please contact our Willka T’ika office.  

Arrive home feeling blessed with the pure spiritual energy of your transformational Andean journey-of-a-lifetime. 

Everything is included except flights. We do suggest bringing some cash with you for the occasional meal out, souvenirs, etc.

Yes, they are. If you prefer a single room, we have a few available for an additional fee, please reach out to Victoria at [email protected].

Willka T’ika is a retreat conceived, built and maintained on sustainable principles. The food you will enjoy, the ceremonies you attend, and the journey’s you will take are all lead by native guides, who are experts in Andean culture, history, and cosmology. 

Willka T’ika is staffed by 20 local Quechua farmers, Incan descendants who still practice ancient traditions, and love sharing their knowledge and culture traditions with their guests. 

Gourmet organic vegetarian meals and teas are served daily, using high-protein Andean grains and legumes, as well as organic, freshly harvested vegetables and salads grown on-site. We welcome vegan, gluten-free, and special dietary requests. Willka T’ika has the only 100% hormone-free and chemical-free gourmet vegetarian hotel kitchen in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Our gardens are strictly organic. Filtered water available 24/7 in dining room, and bottled water available for purchase.

  • Flashlight for the nights in the gardens at Willka T’ika.

  • Slip-on shoes are helpful to enter and exit yoga and meditation studios at Willka T’ika.

  • Converter or transformer to 220V, 60 cycles AC. Mac products allow both 110V and 220V. Chargers.

  • Good walking shoes or lightweight hiking boots.

  • There is no noise ordinance in Peru. Earplugs may be very useful. Be prepared for those infrequent times when dogs get rowdy or neighbors and nearby towns celebrate with loud music and even explosions.

  • Wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm are essential.

  • Insect repellent for Machu Picchu.

  • Anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitizer. Human contact rather than food can be the main culprit for travel related illness.

  • Travel Documents: No visas are required for US, Canadian or South African citizens. It is safer to leave your documents and extra money at Willka T’ika or in your Cusco/Machu Picchu hotel room, locked in your suitcase or in the hotel safe.

  • Do not bring any jewelry or other valuables. Wear an inexpensive watch.

  • Money holder belt to wear under your clothes and a secure place for your phone. Be mindful of your


  • Bring a small daypack to carry a water bottle, camera, trail snacks and sunscreen.

  • Always carry a light rain jacket or waterproof poncho in the mountain regions.

Layer your clothes and bring warm layers. Warm pajamas for the Andean nights. We recommend long

pants at Machu Picchu to avoid biting insects found in the grass. Shorts are fine at Willka T’ika.

Packing suggestions: Travel light. You may have to carry your own luggage at times. Dress is very casual. There is laundry service at Willka T’ika and a laundry area if you prefer to do your own.

Dress in layers: Bring a comfortable jacket for the early morning and night. Dressing in layers allows one to be comfortable during the cold mornings and nights, and hot middays. Andean weather is unpredictable: sunny, windy, and unexpected showers in one day. Please refer to the packing list below.

Heating: Days are usually sunny, but Andean nights tend to get quite cold. Guests are advised to bring warm pajamas. Heaters are provided in each guest room, but there is no central heating.

Label your luggage: Label each piece of luggage before you leave home. Include: Name, “Magical Journey – Willka T’ika – Rumichaka, Urubamba,” and Willka T’ika’s telephone number: +51 84 201508.

After November 15, 2022, any amounts paid to the Spectra Organizers for this Retreat are non-refundable. After November 15, 2022, amounts paid for the Retreat may be transferred to another Participant should unforeseen circumstances arise. This cancellation policy will be strictly enforced.  We strongly recommend the purchase of adequate travel insurance.


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