You can get information about the Ketogenic diet everywhere. 
But who can help you make Keto work for YOU?

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Welcome to Keto-ish!

Hi!  I’m Dr. Lisa Koche.  

As a triple board certified physician in internal medicine, anti- aging/regenerative medicine, and obesity medicine, I was introduced to the ketogenic diet WAY before it was on every shelf at the grocery store.  After working with patients for more than 20 years, I have learned the nuances of the ketogenic lifestyle.  I have condensed all of the information to create this easy-to-implement program.  

And one of the best things?

Rather than making a decision to go Keto on your own, you now have a plan that’s so much easier for you. It’s a flexible guide (hence the “ish” part), with mentorship along the way, that will help you be successful with YOUR version of Keto.

Dr. Lisa Koche,
Creator of, and host for,
your Keto-ish program

This program will teach your body how to be metabolically flexible.

This will help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Feel more energized
  • Improve your focus
  • Manage stress with ease

When people are starting a new diet or regimen, they often have thoughts like…

  • I tried Keto, and it just didn’t work for me.
  • I would hope this would be the answer I’m looking for to finally lose weight, but what if this also doesn’t work?
  • Will it be too complicated for me?
  • Seems like a lot of work to start something new.
  • I’ve tried diets before, and I just always feel hungry.  I bet this will be the same.
  • I bet there won’t be enough variety and I’ll always just be eating avocados and almonds.

Maybe you’ve just heard about it but have felt a little nervous about trying.

For all of these questions, and so many more,
I have developed this KETO-ISH 8 week program for you!

Here’s what’s included in Keto-ish, at a glance

  • 8 video modules 
  • Guidance through clean, simple and flexible keto-ish 8 week program
  • Recordings from weekly Q & A session/hands-on with Dr. Lisa
  • Digital copy of Dr. Lisa’s GET LIT book
  • 3 levels including keto, low carb, and very low carb
  • Simple ways to track your protein and fat intake
  • Answers for why you may have gotten stuck or had poor results in the past with the ketogenic diet
  • DIM vs. LIT foods
  • Shopping guide
  • Simple meal planning regimen

Every purchase of Keto-ish comes with a downloadable copy of Dr. Lisa’s book GET LIT

Do You Like Feeling Great, Looking Great, And Saving Money?

While I have been sharing this information with my patients for years in my practice and with my book, this is now available as an online course.

When we originally sold this course, it came with a supplement bundle and it cost over $800!

But because we’re no longer offering the supplement option, you get full access to all of the course as a live product that lets you experience Keto over 8 weeks, delivered automatically to you as soon as you purchase.

Keto-ish is now available for just $249 $149

Just $149
The many benefits of living a ketogenic life style have been stated over and over again. The most impressive benefits include:
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Reducing your risk of diabetes
  • Reducing your risk of Alzheimers
  • Reducing your risk for certain cancers
Additionally, when you are Keto-ish and metabolically flexible (able to feel good eating fats or carbs) you have:
  • more focus
  • more energy
  • more lean muscle mass
  • a better mood
The Keto-ish plan has 3 levels of carbohydrate options.  It also focuses on LIT foods (foods with more nutrients) to add to your diet while helping you to remove DIM foods. Everyone can find something that works in this program!

That all sounds good.  But will this work for me?

There are many reasons why the ketogenic diet can work for you. However, hardly anyone talks about when it doesn’t work!

It turns out that despite all of the incredible benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle, many people really struggle to succeed. 

In addition to a lot of misinformation out there, many people have poor dietary choices when it comes to their intake of fats and proteins.

There are also genetic and gallbladder issues, as well as certain kinds of food intolerance, that can get in the way. 

The Keto-ish plan provides 3 levels of carbohydrate options, as well as step by step suggestions, for an easy and flexible 8 week step into Keto.  I know how valuable this is, from my experience working with thousands of patients.

I think that at the end of 8 weeks, you will find yourself feeling more energized, more focused, and lighter in life.  Most people also find that Keto helps them to finally lose that stubborn weight!

Just $149

Want the Nitty-Gritty?
Here’s what’s covered in each of the 8 modules of Keto-ish

Module 1

Removing DIM foods
Doesn’t have to be a full elimination diet, but this can help you to achieve optimal results much more quickly.

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Removing DIM foods

Module 2

Adding LIT foods
How light is carried in food and choices to make you feel great.

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Adding LIT foods

Module 3

Explaining Keto Basics
Testing with Ketomojo and/or other monitors

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Explaining KETO basics

Module 4

Transitions and Transition Timing
What to expect during the transition: considerations exogenous ketones/keto flu/etc.

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Transition Time

Module 5

Let’s Cook!
How to prepare a Keto-ish meal (done in the kitchen together!)

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Let’s Cook!

Module 6

System Impacts
How keto impacts systems (gut, thyroid, adrenal, insulin, lipids) and common barriers

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

System Impacts

Module 7

Intermittent Fasting

Why is fasting helpful?  When is it not helpful?  What is Autophagy and how does it work? How do you respect and love your body’s needs while getting the results you crave?

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Healthy Intermittent Fasting

Module 8

Next Steps

Now what?  Now that your body is in Ketosis, what do you do to maintain what you’ve learned and take it to a whole new level?  Learn how to keep your food interesting while you achieve optimal performance and truly GET LIT!

Keto-ish Logo: Learn how to follow a Keto diet

Next Steps?

Just $149

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind everything you are getting as part of this program. We allow a 14-day check-it-out period in which you can notify us of your intention to request a refund. We’re sure you’ll be happy with Keto-ish, just like others before you, but if not, please email support within 14 days of your purchase, let us know what you were wanting that the program didn’t provide (we’re pretty sure we’ve covered it, but it’s always possible we can do more,) and your refund will be sent to the same payment method that you used to place the order.

Here’s what Other People Are Saying

"Highly recommended!
An honest doctor that speaks truth in a time of lies and deceit!"
Mark Raad
"Dr. Lisa Koche is an excellent doctor. smart, compassionate and she really cares.
She has been my doc for more than 10 yrs.
She is not only a doctor but a good friend and a life teacher."
Judy Best
"I recommend following Dr. Lisa Koche and watching her videos.
She knows what she's talking about, she occurs to me as very sincere [...]
Thank God for excellent medical doctors like Lisa who have the courage to speak up about what they know to be right."
David Dennis
Just $149
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